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Virginia Beach

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Internal Revenue Service Virginia Employment Commission
Virginia Department of Taxation Local Contractor Licenses
Health Department Liquor License
Business Licenses and Taxes Personal Property
Name Registration Planning and Building Processes
Business-Related Signs Fire Code Regulations
Home-Based Businesses Permit Review Processes
Other Taxes Business Incentives

Internal Revenue Service
Federal Tax Questions: 800-829-1040
Web page: www.irs.gov

Virginia Employment Commission
502 Viking Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23452-7316

Virginia Department of Taxation
Norfolk District Office: 6340 Center Drive (Koger Center)
Norfolk, VA 23510

Local Contractor Licenses
The city of Virginia Beach requires contractors to be state registered and have a local business license.

Commissioner of the Revenue issues the local business license.
Commissioner of the Revenue, City of Virginia Beach
2401 Courthouse Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
(Municipal Center, Building 1)

Health Department
Virginia Beach Department of Public Health
Environmental Services
4452 Corporation Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
The types of businesses that must comply with health regulations in Virginia Beach are:
Restaurants, Hotels, Swimming Pools, Installation or repair of septic tanks/wells, Beauty shops/Barber shops, Tanning salons, and Special Events (ex. Neptune Festival booths).

Liquor License
For the distribution of alcoholic beverages in the city of Virginia Beach, businesses are required to get a liquor license.
Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Department
1103 South Military Highway
Chesapeake, VA 23325

Business Personal Property
Commissioner of the Revenue
Business Property Division
2401 Courthouse Drive
(Municipal Center, Building 1)
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

For more information on registering your business with the state, visit:
Virginia State Corporation Commission

Personal Property
Commissioner of Revenue
Business License Division
2401 Courthouse Drive
(Municipal Center, Building 1)
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Other Taxes
There are other taxes collected for Admission, Cigarettes, Daily Rentals, Lodging, Prepared food & beverages and Utilities. Contact Business Revenue in the Commissioner of the Revenue office to find out how to pay these taxes.

Name Registration
To register assumed names, trade names and DBA’s go contact:
Commissioner of the Revenue
(757) 385-4515

Planning and Building Processes
The City of Virginia Beach Planning Department is located at the Municipal Center, Building 2, on the First Floor. The main department phone number for the Planning Department is (757)427-4621, the fax number is (757)426-5667. If you are not sure which division to call, you can start with this number and ask which division can help you. The Planning Department has a web page with links to all of their divisions and which provides a wealth of good information at www.vbgov.com.

Part of the Planning Department, located on the same floor, is the Zoning Division. The phone number for the Zoning Division is (757)427-8074 and the fax number is (757)427-4649. Zoning also has the regulations on what kind of businesses can be located at home, the number of cars that can be parked, signage allowed, etc.

Also part of the Planning Department, located on the same floor, is the Division of Permits & Inspections. New and existing construction permits and applicable inspections are handled by them. Note: A Certificate of Occupancy would be obtained from the Permits & Inspections Division. Contact them to find out the information required for the various permits. The phone number for the Division of Permits & Inspections is (757)427-4211 and their fax number is (757)427-5777.

A site plan will need to be filed and an appointment with a planner is recommended. The number to call for an appointment is (757)426-5790. The Department of Economic Development’s website has a chart of review and approval times for permits at www.vbgov.com. A permit is required to erect, enlarge, alter, remove, demolish, or repair a structure in the City of Virginia Beach. You will need a permit for everything from storage sheds and garages to commercial construction, alterations, & additions. Permits are $25 minimum plus $8.00 per 100 square feet. To find out what information is needed for the various permits contact Permits & Inspections at (757)427-4211.

If the electricity and gas have been turned off at a vacant business location, Contact the power companies directly to have it restored. Dominion Virginia Power’s phone number is (757)436-4239 and Virginia Natural Gas can be reached at (757)426-5500.

Business-Related Signs
For a business to erect a sign, they must meet the standards set by the approved Building Codes. Size Constraints are based on the particular zoning district and the amount of frontage it has on a public street. There is a permit required to erect a sign. To obtain a sign permit, contact the Zoning Code Enforcement Division at (757)427-8074 and ask for the Sign Inspector.

Fire Code Regulations
The Source of the City of Virginia Beach’s fire code is the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code. It is available for review at the:
Fire Marshall’s Office (Municipal Center, Building 21)
Wahab Public Law Library (Municipal Center, Building 10B)
City Clerk’s Office (Municipal Center, Building 1)
For fire code compliance issues in Virginia Beach contact:
Mr. Bill Smith, Fire Marshall’s Office
Phone: (757)427-4228

Permit Review Processes

Home-Based Businesses
It will be necessary to contact the Commissioner of Revenue’s Department, Business License Division, for a Business License. They are located at the Municipal Center, Building 1, First Floor or call their office at (757)385-4515.

The Commissioner’s office can then direct you to the Zoning Division of the Department of Planning at Building 2, First Floor. The Zoning Division has the regulations on what kind of businesses can be performed at home or in each zoning district. They can also provide valuable information on such things like the number of cars that can be parked, and the type and size of any signs allowed.

Business Incentives
Incentives for businesses locating in Virginia Beach include EDIP (Economic Development Incentive Program). Businesses must meet one of three criteria to qualify for assistance. They are based on the number of jobs created and the capital investment.

City of Virginia Beach – Municipal Center
Most of the City of Virginia Beach’s business offices are located at the Princess Anne Courthouse Municipal Center near the intersection of North Landing Road and Princess Anne Road. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for the majority of departments.