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Southeastern Virginia Contracting Institute (SEVA CI)

Originally funded through a Portable Assistance Grant from the US Small Business Administration, the original remit for this program was to educate small contractors, whose companies relied primarily on federal contracts, in how to compete at the state and municipal levels as well as in the civilian sector.

The initial program was both well received and very successful results were achieved by many of the participants. In addition to this, important lessons were learned and the program was restructured from a twelve-week program down to a four-week program. Four cohorts were taken through this newly restructured curriculum and, with the support of the City of Virginia Beach; small business owners who were looking to expand the scope and scale of their work were able to do so.

SEVA CI consists of four evening classroom sessions which provide relevant, useful and practical information coupled with in-depth group and one-on-one counseling sessions and access to a wide variety of tools which will enable participants to better prepare themselves for entry in any level of government or civilian contracting.

For more information contact John Maher at john.maher [at] cox.net