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Other Record Retention


  • Most non-tax-related checks over one year old
  • Expired insurance policies
  • Records of cars/boats no longer owned
  • All but most recent cumulative pay stub
  • Clearly expired product warranties

Long-Term Storage

  • Records of nondeductible IRA contributions
  • Death certificates, after estate is settled
  • Military records for possible veterans’ benefits
  • Tax returns & supporting documentation – 6 years
  • Information on possible pensions from former employers

Safe Deposit Box

  • Birth & marriage certificates
  • Deeds & other records of ownership
  • Passports
  • Stock & bond certificates
  • List of all insurance policies and agents

This information is general in nature and no course of action should be based upon it without consultation with appropriate professional advisors concerning your specific situation. Although we believe the information to be accurate and timely as of the date of this document, we cannot guarantee that it will remain so because tax laws and regulations undergo frequent changes.