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SBDC in the News

National mentoring program propels Hampton Roads Startups

Sandra J. Pennecke – Inside Business- 11/28/2016

In a Forgotten Ghent Building Something New Arises
Philip Newswanger, Editor – Norfolk Metro – 2/14/2014

Child-care providers operate a small business too
Teresa Talerico, Inside Business – 7/6/2012

Plan before jumping into the QR Craze
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 2/17/2012

A day at the White House
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 1/20/2012

Even Superman had his kryptonite
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 1/06/2012

Why no help for the true job creators?
The Baltimore Sun – 12/18/2011

How to give online shoppers confidence in your website
Small Biz Trend – 12/18/2011

Holiday Season Shopping Suggestions
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 12/2/2011

Tall Ships present business op in 2012
Danielle Walker, Inside Business – 11/25/2011

The ongoing pursuit of knowledge
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 11/18/2011

Is your holiday business plan complete
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 11/14/2011

Is it a cash flow problem or a cash flaw problem
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 09/30/2011

Huddle up for success
Susan Smigielski Acker, Inside Business – 09/02/2011

Tell Me A Story
Jim Carroll, biz nix – 08/24/2011

Small Business Just who or what is your customer
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 07/22/2011

Telling your story is critical to your success
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 07/08/2011

Make peace with constant chaos
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 06/17/2011

Get your ad message out of the jet noise
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 06/10/2011

Virginia eye consultants name small business of the year
Staff Report, Inside Business – 05/20/2011

2011 Hampton Roads Small Business of the year awards
Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce – 05/19/20111

Local Efforts to Assist Impacted USJFCOM Workforce
Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce – 04/29/2011

Is everyday groundhog day for you
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 04/08/2011

Workshop aims to prime blossoming business owners
Emily Collins, Suffolk News Herald – 04/02/2011

Virtual Customer Service just as important
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 03/25/2011

Small business Why you need a business plan? Why you need a business plan Head goes here and goes here and continues here
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 03/18/2011

Crop of young Hampton Roads entrepreneurs charges out of gate
Phillip Walser , The Virginian Pilot – 03/20/2011

11 Suffolk Businesses Honored
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 03/10/2011

Just what is your small business reputation
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 03/04/2011

Seven Business ending mistake to avoid
Jim Carroll, Inside Busines – 02/25/2011

Smart businesses have a disaster plan
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 02/18/2011

In memoriam:Sheila Guillette-Moore
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 01/28/2011

New loan Programs help the underserved
Philip Newswanger, Inside Business – 01/07/2011

New ruling by U.S agency benefits women owned firms
Philip Newswanger, Inside Business – 11/12/2010

Nice bill but bad timing, says one critic
Philip Newswanger, Inside Business – 10/01/2010

Independent pharmacists follow a long, steady Rx to success
By Danielle Walker, Inside Business – 08/27/2010

Small businesses stinging from International Paper closure
By Allison T. Williams, The Daily Press – 08/08/2010

Local bankers await details on new loan pool
Bill Crezenzo, Inside Business – 10/01/2010

It’s all about the sauce
By Lakeshia Artis, Inside Business – 05/07/2010

Free counseling offered for businesses affected by International Paper closure
By Veronica Chufo, The Daily Press – 05/06/2010

First Person Melissa Burroughs
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 04/16/2010

Development center celebrates 20 years
Jim Carroll, Inside business – 04/16/2010

International Paper’s end in sight
By Allison Williams, The Daily Press – 04/07/2010

Small Business Development Center Receives Grant from the Verizon Foundation
By Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce eConnect – 04/06/2010

People Changes
Jim Carroll, Inside Business – 03/15/2010

Retail expert leaves his STAMP
By Vincent Schilling, Inside Business – 5/8/2009

SBDC Director Invited to Speak at WSJ Event
Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce eConnect – 01/05/2009