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National mentoring program propels Hampton Roads startups

National mentoring program propels Hampton Roads startups

To propel means to drive, push or cause to move in a particular direction, typically forward.

The national Propel mentorship program is all about helping businesses get to the next level.

Chris Lyons, CEO of Adele Diamond in Virginia Beach, was one of the first local business owners enrolled in the program in March 2015.

“We grew from two staff to five, and our revenues for the city grew to annually over a million dollars rapidly,” Lyons said. “As we move towards the future steps in our business development through involvement with such programs as the local EO Accelerator, we will owe much to our strong start in the Propel program.”

To read more: http://pilotonline.com/inside-business/news/economic-development/national-mentoring-program-propels-hampton-roads-startups/article_17ca6910-3319-5cd6-bc50-968db9763dd0.html