Co-Working Spaces

Coworking –

the new way of working and sharing.

The business landscape has changed in the last years. It now includes a large number of solopreneurs, remote workers, independent professionals and freelancers.

Flexible workstyle means many professionals are not tied up to one location. They do, however, still need a space to work, business amenities, meeting rooms, professional networking as well as a business address. Co-working spaces offer all of these and more.

Coworking spaces are designed to provide a productive and collaborative environment for their dynamic inhabitants, offering flexible memberships to suit most needs.

Coworking is not just about the sharing of infrastructure and cost, it is about belonging to a community, accessibility and sustainability. 

They are community centers, friendly gathering places, think tanks. When you rent a desk or an office, you gain coworkers to bounce ideas off and that supports you professionally in a way that you can’t find working from home or in the corporate office. Coworking connects you to a global network of professional peers. 

It is about creating a better place to work, and, as a result, a better way to work.


To contribute to the growth and development of the economy by providing management, technical and other assistance and information to the region’s small business community.

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