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Newport News

Founded: 1896
Population: 182,020
Households: 69,696

Newport News has soared past its original farming roots to shine as a bastion of shipbuilding, manufacturing, and technology.

From famous cruise liners to formidable military vessels, Huntington-Ingalls Industries (Newport News Shipbuilding) is a noted employer in the city. Joint Base Langley-Eustis, the CSX coal piers, the Canon facility, and the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator employ thousands of knowledge-based employees – all contributors to the city’s economy.

Newport News provides forefront scientific facilities, to partner in industry to apply its advanced technology, and serve the nation through education and public outreach. Knowledge-based workers develop software and network application, for a world of information sharing, analysis, processing, and communication.

This is an environment for like-minded businesses, and the restaurants and retailers that serve this vibrant work force.

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