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Welcome to the Hampton Roads Small Business Web Portal.  This site provides both existing and prospective small business owners tools, information and resources to help them better operate and manage their small business.

The Small Business Development Center of Hampton Roads, Inc. is part of a statewide network that is directed by The Mason Enterprise Center at George Mason University. It is hosted locally by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and supported by Thomas Nelson Community College, Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce, Franklin-Southampton Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Isle of Wight-Smithfield-Windsor Chamber of Commerce.

The SBDC is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the US Small Business Administration.


To be the region’s preferred small business services provider


To contribute to the growth and development of the economy by providing management, technical and other assistance and information to the region’s small business community.


The following goals have been established to meet the requirements of the Vision and Mission:

  1. Develop innovative methods and programs for delivering counseling, training and information to all targeted segments of our customer/client base in a responsive and effective manner.
  2. Continue to leverage existing resources and partnership opportunities and continue to develop support of consistent and diverse funding sources.
  3. Utilize standardized professional development programs that will enable the counseling staff to expand upon their abilities thus expanding the Center’s capabilities to assist clients with their small business concerns.
  4. Expand upon our processes for continuous improvement to measure quality, evaluate customer/client needs and satisfaction and take necessary action to sustain progress and meet the changing needs of the small business community.